Tossing Mullet

By: George Crozier (columnist) – Lagniappe Mobile

Aquaculture rises globally

“Shrimp boats is a’comin” – Not so much!

     Only really old people will recognize the 1951 pop song but it popped into my head with the renewed discussions locally concerning the potential for fish farms being developed along the Gulf Coast.
Wild harvest production of seafood in this country is a very small percentage of the seafood that we consume as a nation because 80 percent or so of all seafood consumed here is imported from overseas.
     Of that, the vast majority is, in fact, farm-raised. This is particularly true of salmon and shrimp, seen as delicacies, and tilapia, the most mundane and practical of the trio.
     There is great irony in the fact that Auburn University has taught much of the world how to grow fish in farms. This grew from the early Aid to International Development programs and in some ways fostered the growth and success of the spectacular Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture at the University. This started with catfish farming, and we still produce most of the catfish that we eat, but competition from Viet Nam has become a contentious issue of late. The Auburn programs have since been duplicated at other land grant universities and the result is the dramatic success of aquaculture and its oceanic counterpart, mariculture. To Read More…

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