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John Murphy

John F. Murphy


212 Life Sciences Building
(334) 844-1954

Areas of Interest: 

Plant Virology. Studies focus on the nature of virus intra-plant movement and resistance to virus infection, development of management strategies for insect-borne viruses and plant virus ecology.


Ph.D. - Plant Pathology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

M.S. - Plant Pathology, Clemson University

B.S. - Biology, Springfield College


Professional Experience:

2004-present, Professor, Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology, Auburn University

1999-2004, Associate Professor, Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology, Auburn University

1994-1999, Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, Auburn U niversity

1991-1994, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Plant Breeding, Cornell University

1987-1991, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Plant Pathology, University of Kentucky

Professional Societies:

American Phytopathological Society

American Society for Virology

American Association for Advancement of Science


Courses taught:

Plant Virology (graduate)

Seminar (graduate)

Plant Pathology Journal Club (graduate)


Recent Publications:


Pernezny, K., Roberts, P., Murphy, J.F., and Goldberg, N. 2003. Compendium of Pepper Diseases. American Phytopathological Society Press.

Book Chapters

Murphy, J.F. 2006. Applied aspects of induced resistance to plant virus infection. In: Natural Resistance to Plant Viruses. Kluewer Academic Publishers. G. Loebenstein and J.P. Carr (Editors).

Sikora, E.J. and Murphy, J.F. 2005. Identification and management of Cucumber mosaic virus in Alabama. Acta Horticulturae 695:191-194.

Refereed Journal Publications (*denotes student in my program)

Murphy, J.F., and Bowen, K.L. 2006. Synergistic disease in pepper caused by the mixed infection of Cucumber mosaic virus and Pepper mottle virus. Phytopathology 96:240-247.

Carr, D.E., Murphy, J.F., and Eubanks, M.D. 2006. Genetic variation and covariation for resistance and tolerance to Cucumber mosaic virus in Mimulus guttatus (Phrymaceae): a test for costs and constraints. Heredity 96:240-247.

Eubanks, M.D., Carr, D.E., and Murphy, J.F. 2005. The effects of virus infection of Mimulus guttatus (Scrophulariaceae) on host plant quality for meadow spittlebugs, Philaenus spumarius (Hemiptera: Cercopidae). Environmental Entomology 34:891-898.

Eubanks, M.D., Carr, D.E., and Murphy, J.F. 2005. Defense against multiple enemies: Genetic variation in the response of plants to herbivore and virus attack. Evolutionary Ecology 34:891-898.

Kang, B.C., Yeam, I, Frantz, J.D. Murphy, J.F., and Jahn, M.S. 2005. The pvr1 locus in pepper encodes a translation initiation factor eIF4E that interacts with Tobacco etch virus Vpg. The Plant Journal 42:392-405.

Ryu, C.M., Murphy, J.F., Mysore, K.S., and Kloepper, J.W. 2004. Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria systemically protect Arabidopsis thaliana against Cucumber mosaic virus by a novel signaling pathway. The Plant Journal 39:381-392.

Murphy, J.F., Reddy, M.S., Ryu, C.M. Kloepper, J.W., and Li, R. 2003. Rhizobacteria-mediated growth promotion of tomato leads to protection against Cucumber mosaic virus. Phytopathology 93:1301-1307.

Bowen, K.L., Murphy, J.F., Flanders, K.L. and Li, R. 2003. Incidence of viruses infecting winter wheat in Alabama. Plant Disease 87:288-293.

Warren, C.E., and Murphy, J.F. 2003. The completee nucleotide sequence of Pepper mottle virus-Florida RNA. Archives of Virology 148:189-197.

Turina, M., Omarov, R., Murphy, J.F., Bazaldua-Hernandez-C., Desvoyes, B., and Scholthof, H.B. 2003. A newly identified role for Tomato bushy stunt virus P19 in cell-to-cell spread. Molecular Plant Pathology 4:67-72.

Carr, D.E., Murphy, J.F., and Eubanks, M.D. 2003. The susceptibility and response of inbred and outbred Mimulus guttatus to infection by Cucumber mosaic virus. Evolutionary Ecology 17:85-103.

Murphy, J.F. 2002. The relationship between virus source leaf and spread of infection through the stem of Capsicum sp. Archives of Virology 147:1789-1797.

Sikora, E.J., Kemble, J., Zehnder, G.W., Goodman, R., Andrianifahanana, M., Bauske, E., and Murphy, J.F. 2002. Using on-farm demonstrations to promote integrated pest management practices in tomato production. Hortechnology 12:485-488.

Cucumber mosaic virus symptons on tomato leaves (left)
Spotted wilt virus on Tomato (above)
Photos courtesy of  Dr. Geoffrey Zehnder.

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