Professor L. L. Hyche
Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology
Auburn University
Revised 11/2001

The crown is usually that section of the tree that is most noticed. It provides shade in summer, attractive color in fall, greenness (evergreens) in winter, and many other important environmental benefits. It is also the favorite habitat of a very large and diverse complex of insects, and harbors a greater number of pest species than any other section of the tree. The crown, as with the whole tree, can be subdivided also into basic structural components: foliage (leaves/needles); buds, twigs, branches; and reproductive structures (flowers, fruit, seed). Thus, crown insects can likewise be subdivided into structure-related groups: FOLIAGE FEEDERS; BUD/TWIG/BRANCH INSECTS; and INSECTS OF REPRODUCTIVE STRUCTURES. Among crown insects, the foliage feeders are the most numerous, and are usually the insects most commonly seen. Many species of foliage feeders are major pests of trees.




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