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Roosevelt Street Diary

John Jensen
John Jensen

As I write this, I have just returned from the calling center at Auburn University's Development Office, where students are behind computer screens calling our alumni to seek financial support for our College's programs. We all appreciate your generous response to the students' pleas. Dollars generated by the "phonathon" help the College and its students in so many ways, from scholarships to updating computer labs. I thanked a few of you directly tonight, but I want to thank all of you alumni and friends for your very generous gifts.

We are currently in the process of prioritizing special agricultural initiatives for the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station and Alabama Cooperative Extension System to deliver to the citizens of our state. More than 500 people attended six two-hour meetings held across the state in January and February to advise us on priorities for Auburn's work in agriculture, forestry and natural resources. The ideas we came away with are included in six targeted regional initiatives to be delivered through our six research and extension centers. Already AU Interim President Ed Richardson is supporting two regional projects for his funding agenda in this year's legislative session. And, although money is tight, we hope that our lawmakers will see how important our Experiment Station, Extension System and college can be to the economic prosperity of rural Alabama.

Note the request for your e-mail address in the "Charting the Course" article. Initially we will use these addresses to update you on the progress of the initiatives, but we also are building a database of e-mail addresses that, within a year, can be used to send you information about specific agricultural topics important to you. We are developing plans to dramatically improve our Web site and our electronic communications ability because this is becoming increasingly more important in the delivery of information to you. We don't intend to "SPAM" you with information, but if you sign up for our services, we will soon be able to send you information on specific topics that you choose. By taking this targeted approach, we will drastically change the way we deliver research and extension information in the future.

Our construction projects are coming along. Look for news of dedications for the ALFA Agricultural Services Building, Stanley P. Wilson Beef Teaching Laboratory, Meat Sciences Laboratory, the office complex at Wiregrass Research and Extension Center and the Poultry Science Building. Groundbreakings for the ALFA Ag Heritage Park Pavilion and the replicated Red Barn should also occur in the next several months.

Thanks again for all you do, and be assured that our agricultural programs have never been stronger. Come see us in Auburn, and War Eagle!

–John Jensen, Interim Dean and Director