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Proceedings of the 10th Annual Southern Conservation Tillage Conference for Sustainable Agriculture

Conservation Tillage: Today and Tomorrow

1-2 July, 1987, College Station, Texas


Suggested reference: Gerik, T.J. and B.L. Harris. (eds.). 1987. Proc. Southern Region No-Tillage Conference. College Station, TX 1-2 July 1987. Texas Agri. Exp. Stn. MP-1634, Texas A&M Univ. System. College Station, TX.

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Complete Proceedings

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Individual papers




Invited Presentations

Conservation Tillage Systems in Texas (B.L. Harris, E.C.A. Runge, G.K. Westmoreland)
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Nitrogen Requirements of Conservation Tillage Systems (F.M. Hons, M.A. Locke, R.G. Lemon, V.A. Saladino)
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Water Management with Conservation Tillage (P.W. Unger, C.G. Gerard, J.E. Matocha, F.M. Hons, D.G. Bordovsky, C.W. Wendt)
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Conservation Systems That Meet Tolerance Limits on Highly Erodible Lands (A.D. King)
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Economics of Conservation Tillage Research in Texas (W. Harman, J.R. Martin)
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Riding the New Wave of Farming Practices Using Conservation Tillage (V.L. Harman)
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Measured and Simulated Productivity of Eroded Soils (B.F. Hajek, J.R. Williams)
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Planter and Drill Requirements for Soils With Surface Residues (J.E. Morrison, Jr., R.R. Allen)
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Effect of Crop Residues on Crop Pests, Soil Water, and Soil Temperature (E.G. Krenzer, Jr., R.L. Burton, F.J. Gough)
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Tillage Effects on Microbiolical Release of Soil Organic Nitrogen (J.W. Doran)
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Integrating Irrigation and Conservation Tillage Technology (W.M. Lyle, J.P. Bordovsky)
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Methods to Improve Water Infiltration on Fragile Soils (C.J. Gerard)
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Weed Control for Conservation Tillage (A.F. Wiese)
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Abstracts of Concurrent Presentations

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Factors Influencing Successful Sod Seeding of Winter Annuals into Perennial Grass Sods in Texas (J.N. Pratt, D.H. Bade)

Conservation Tillage Systems for Maximizing Profitability on the Texas Southern High Plains (J.W. Keeling, J.R. Abernathy)

Relay Planted Soybeans: An Alternative Doublecropping System (M.A. Blaine, N.W. Buehring)

Grain Sorghum: A No-Till Crop in Mississippi (D.G. Reginelli, N.W. Buehring, M.A. Blaine)

Tillage Effects on Fertilizer Rate and Placement Requirements of Dryland Grain Sorghum (J.E. Matocha, D.R. Sorensen)

Effect of Different tillage Practices on Surface Residue and Soil Physical Properties (R.W. Cripps, J.E. Matocha)

Cover Crops in Conservation Tillage: Benefits and Liabilities (W.W. Frye, R.L. Blevins, M.S. Smith)

Effect of Tillage, Water Quality, and Gypsum on Infiltration and Water Storage (R.L. Baumhardt, C.W. Wendt)

Rating Long-Term Soil Productivity (H.C. Bogush, Jr., N.P. Bade, B. Wiederhold)

Influence of cover Crops on Fertilier-N Requirements of No-Till Corn and Grain Sorghum (W.L. Hargrove, C.L. Neely, K.A. McVay)

Conservation Tillage: Corn, Grain Sorghum, and Wheat in Dallas County, Texas (V. Helm)

Growth of Conservation Tillage in Blacklands (B. Kral)

Measuring Yield Difference and Stand Establishment As It Relates to Percent Ground Cover (H.D. Hodge, J.D. Moore)

Gramoxon@Super Herbicide in a Conservation Tillage System (M.A. Sprague, G.B. Triplett)

Insecticidal Performance of Turbofos in continuous and Non-Continuous Corn Fields (R. Whitmore)

Prowl, A Perfect Fit for Conservation-Tillage (L. Barnes)

No-Till Corn and Sorghum Production in Texas Blacklands (C.G. Coffman, A.E. Colburn, B.L. Harris)

Ratoon Grain Sorghum: An Alternative Cropping System for Conservation Tillage (T.J. Gerik, W.D. Rosenthal, R.R. Duncan)

Interaction of Tillage on Corn Yield and Quality of the Runoff Water (T.C. Daniel)

No-Till Winter Wheat Production in the Texas Blacklands (T.D. Miller)


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Cover, Preface, Contents

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Preface (T.J. Gerik, B.L. Harris)
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Table of Contents
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