National Speleological Society

2813 Cave Avenue
Huntsville, AL 35810-4431
Phone: (256) 852-1300


The National Speleological Society believes caves have unique scientific, recreational and scenic values and
- These values are endangered both by carelessness and intentional vandalism
- These values, once gone, cannot be recovered
- The responsibility for protecting caves must be formed by those who study and enjoy them.

To advance the study, conservation, exploration and knowledge of caves.
To bring political pressure on legislators to enact cave conservation laws and ensure that the caves we use are protected for future generations

Specific Issues:

To map, gate and and clean sensitive cave areas.
Establish cave preserves.
Oppose sale of speleothems.
Cooperating with private cave owners by providing them knowledge about their cave and assisting them in protecting their property from damage during cave visits.
Sponsor conventions and symposiums

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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