Gardens On Air, LLC

Lee Harrison, Jr.
209 Ohara Dr.
Albertville, Al 35950
Office: 256-849-2728
Alternate Phone: 205-552-8877


To provide Families, Communities, Counties, States, and our Great Country a means to have Pesticide/Herbicide Free USDA Certified Organic, Healthy and Tasty Vegetables and Produce that are grown here in America and sold here for our people, All Americans.

Specific Issues:

A portion of our proceeds will go to our own community, local churches, and food banks to support a healthier lifestyle, support those in need, and give back as GOD intended for us to do. We will provide a learning place for anyone interested in finding out ways to produce healthy food that is safe for our bodies and enviroment.  Our company will use every means necessary to be an "Eco-Friendly" and "Green" growing experience.  Gardens On Air LLC. will utilize the latest in technology to be self supportive such as Solar, Wind, & Bio-Mass energy production that will provide extra energy to be placed back in the community grid and used by our community.  We will use large compost heaps that will be strategically placed so our water pipes will be underneath them and our hot water needs will be taken care of in a natural form.  We will use any and all techniques available to reduce the "Carbon Footprint" made by our company on Earth.  We will be a Green Company and set the commercial industry standard for eco-friendliness. We, at Gardens On Air LLC., will always strive to provide the freshest and highest quality USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC produce and vegetables for everyone.  It is our intent to give people a safe and healthy product that will make them enjoy food once again ... without fear of what they eat.


Gardens On Air is looking at joining any and all groups that want to provide our state and country safe food to eat.

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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