Friends of a Clean and Healthy Rural Chambers County

Horace and Linda Holderfield
2026 County Road 297
Five Points, AL 36855
Phone: 334-864-7096


The Friends were established as a community of interest of 130 families to protest and seek the cessation of the application of poultry slaughterhouse sludge on ranch land surrounding Stroud Creek in northeast Chambers County and to support the reform of state policy and oversight of the application of slaughterhouse sludge on agricultural land.

Specific Issues:

The Friends met their first goal of forcing the out-of-state waste disposal company to leave Chambers County.  The Friends now wish to aid other communities which are threatened with environmental and environmental justice problems relating the application of poultry slaughterhouse sludge to farm land. The issues related to the application of this industrial waste include public health, ground water pollution, quality of life, damage to property values, environmental justice, state policy reform, and home rule.


Alabama state administrative law and policy lacks sufficient definition and enforcement to protect citizens from newly developing threats from industrial pollution. The Friends have experience in responding to problems arising from the application of poultry slaughterhouse sludge to farm land and wish offer this experience to other communities where problems will be developing.  The Friends wish to ally with all organizations which are seeking to reform the Alabama laws and policies relating to the management of industrial and animal waste.

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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