Alabama Wildflower Society - Bibb County Citizens for Wildflowers (BCCW)

Dorothy Grimes, President
22 Trishstanmick Dr.
Brierfield, AL 35035
Phone: 205-665-0873 or 205-665-5650
Email: or Web:


BCCW was founded and incorporated in 1999 to promote the understanding, appreciation, enjoyment, protection, and stewardship of Bibb County's scenic roadsides, streams, and rivers; to secure the adoption and implementation of sound management policies and programs of the county, state and national levels that will protect and maintain the integrity of native vegetation and aquatic ecosystems.

Specific Issues:

Signage for the Little Cahaba Scenic River to ensure better management practices, awareness of the beautiful wildflowers in Bibb County with field trips.


Alabama Wildflower Society

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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