Alabama Rivers Alliance

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The Alabama Rivers Alliance works to protect & restore Alabama's rivers. To do this, we advocate smart water policy, organize at the grassroots level, and teach citizens how they can protect their water. Our goal is to achieve healthy rivers, healthy people, and a healthy system of government for the state of Alabama.

Specific Issues:

The Alabama Watershed Leadership Project is working to build, support, and unite Alabama's grassroots watershed protection movement. The Healthy Rivers Advocacy Program is working to secure the adoption and implementation of clean water and river protection policies and programs at the state level. The Watershed Education Initiative is educating Alabamians on the importance and values of healthy watershed ecosystems. The River Recreation Committee is working to promote conservation through river recreation.


River Ties


Alabama Rivers Alliance creates, supports and unites Alabama's movement of lake and river protection organizations.

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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