Alabama Hiking Trail Society, Inc.

Mike Kennedy, President
P.O. Box 231164
Montgomery, AL 36106


The purposes and objectives of this Society shall be to instill in Alabamians and in visitors to Alabama an appreciation of, and a desire to conserve, the natural beauty of Alabama by all lawful means; and to promote the creation of hiking trails including a trail to be called the Alabama Trail to run the length of the state and to provide an opportunity for hiking and camping. Members are encouraged to be creative, willing to try new and old ideas to approaches, in reaching the purposes and objectives of the Society.

Specific Issues:

Forging public and private partnerships is the cornerstone of our success in providing the public with a growing hiking trail system. AHTS partners with the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Forest Service, Forever Wild, Alabama State Parks, Alabama Forestry Commission, and Leave No Trace to further our mission and create safe hiking trails for all to enjoy. We're awaiting news from another partnership proposal between AHTS and the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers. Proposals for many miles of trail both on the ground and on maps is growing at a rapid rate.


The State Newsletter, 8 pages, every two months


American Hiking Society


The Alabama Hiking Trail Society, Inc. began July 20th, 2001 and incorporated September 17th in Alabama as a 501 c 3 non-profit corporation. Membership has grown at a good rate ever since. As of January 2008 we have 150 memberships, 200 members. We believe we're the fastest growing hiking trail development organization in the Southeastern United States, and we think it's because people share our vision to preserve Alabama's beautiful wilderness areas and make them accessible to those who venture into the woods on foot.

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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