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Alabama Arise is a coalition of 150 congregations and community groups that promote fairer state policies toward low-income Alabamians.

Specific Issues:

Adequate state budgets: Arise will work to promote quality, affordable health care for all Alabamians; prevent harmful cuts to essential programs; and ensure proper use of federal stimulus funds.

Tax Reform: Alabama is one of only two states that fully tax groceries. Arise supports a proposal to eliminate the state portion of the sales tax on groceries and cap the unfair deduction for federal taxes paid.

Katrina Relief: Arise supports a comprehensive assessment of unmet needs in storm-damaged south Mobile County.

Worker Savings incentives: Arise supports state investment in the Individual Development Account (IDA) program, allowing a low-income worker saving toward education, a down payment on a home, or starting a business to turn $2,000 of savings into $6,000 with a 2-to-1 match in federal and state, local or private funds.

Constitutional Reform: Arise supports letting the people decide whether we need a new state constitution.

Moratorium on Executions: Alabama's death penalty is not fair to low-incomeAlabamians. We support a three-year halt to executions to allow a study of the fairness of the system.

Housing: Arise supports the creation of an Affordable Housing Trust fund to promote housing rehabilitation, construction of affordable rental units and opportunities for home ownership for low-income Alabamians, people with mental and physical disabilities, people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and the elderly.

Interests: Public transportation, wage disparities, and unfair lending practices.


Arise Citizens' Policy Project Report (8x/yr)
Fact sheets (8x/yr)

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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