This site describes the programs carried out as the result of a grant from Eugene Butler and Dr. Emory Cunningham to Auburn University, primarily under the auspices of the Eminent Scholar for Agriculture and the Environment. The major activities are described through the list of topics in the lower left of this page.

This site will change from time to time. Basic organization will remain constant.

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A brief history of the Butler/Cunningham grant is available through the link at the left. The major activity of the Butler/Cunningham grant described on this web site is the endowment of an Eminent Scholar in Agriculture and the Environment for the College of Agriculture of Auburn University.

The current scholar is Dr. Claude E. Boyd, of the Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures. Information on Dr. Boyd and his activities as Eminent Scholar can be found through the link to him. While Eugene Butler and Emory Cunningham provided some general guidelines for the activities of the scholar, the specific activities have been determined largely by the scholar.



Among other activities, Dr. Boyd has begun a series of annual conferences on Agriculture and the Environment in Alabama. The first conference was held in November 2002 in Birmingham. The results can be accessed through the links to the 2002, 2003, and 2004 Conferences, to the lower left. The 2004 conference will be held in November 2004, but considerable information on it is already available.

We plan to provide additional information on the environment and on agriculture in Alabama on this website. As this information becomes available, it can be found through the respective links at upper left.

The College of Agriculture, and other sources, have provided this website with related materials and with visuals of interest, which material also can be accessed through the appropriate links to the upper left.



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