Nominations and letters of support for 2012 Hall of Honor and Pioneer Award are due by July 15. Click on the links below to select a form for Hall of Honor or Pioneer Award nomination. You may then complete and submit your nomination electronically or print a paper copy. Printed copies and/or additional letters of support should be mailed to:

Ag Alumni Association
925 Camp Auburn Road
Auburn University, AL 36849-5404



If you have questions, please contact Elaine Rollo @334-844-3204 or email rollome@auburn.edu.

For a list of previous nominees, click here.

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In December 1984, the AU Agricultural Alumni Association approved a resolution to establish the Alabama Agriculture Hall of Honor with a sole purpose to bestow honor and recognition upon living Alabamians who have made significant contributions to the state's agricultural industry.

The initial inductees consisted of three members, with not more than three new members to be added each year.  In later years, the selection process evolved to identify individuals from three primary sectors of the industry--agribusiness, production and education/government.

pioneer plaque pioneer plaque

In May 1995, the Agricultural Pioneer Award was established to posthumously recognize individuals whose lives and work impacted the industry.

Each year, in conjunction with the association's annual meeting, a banquet is held to honor that year's recipients and their families.  Biographical plaques of the Hall of Honor recipients are placed on the first-floor walls of Comer Hall.  A plaque for the Pioneer Award is also located in this area with a brass plate listing each year's recipients.

To view biographies of those already inducted into the Hall of Honor and Pioneer Award, click on the individual name below.

- - AU Agricultural Alumni Association Hall of Honor Recipients - -

A - C D - J L - R S - Z
Edwin C. Allen Sr.
J Lee Alley
William J. Alverson Jr.
John M. Anderson
Gerald F. Bailey
Richmond Y. Bailey
R.C. Bamberg Jr.
Ann Barr
Thomas A. Beaty
James E. Brady Jr.
Dennis O. Bragg
Lavern Brown
Albert F. Caley Jr.
Claude I. Carter
James S. Cook
Tom E. Corley
M. L. Crawford
Emory C. Cunningham
Thomas H. Dodd Jr.
John H. Dorrill Jr.
S. Allen Edgar
Ned T. Ellis
Watt A. (Dub) Ellis Jr.
Leonard E. Ensminger
William H. Gregory
Richard L. Guthrie
Thomas Benjamin Hagler
Claude Hardee
William E. Hardy Jr.
Charles H. Harper
Howell T. Heflin
Ronnie B. Holladay
Joseph T. Hood
James Edwin Horton Jr.
Dale L. Huffman
Forrest H. Ingram
John T. Ingram
Bryson L. James
Raymond B. Jones
William H. Jordan
Ray Harold Kirkpatrick
Cecil Lane
Homer Neal Lewis
John Livingston
Mack Maples
R. Wayne McElrath
Olin C. Medlock
Luther Martin Moates
James Earl Mobley
John Lemley Morrison
A. Wyndol Murrah
Goodwin Myrick
John R. Parrish
William E. Powell
James T. Pursell Sr.
H. Eugene Ragan
Doug Rigney
Fred R. Robertson
R. Dennis Rouse
Donald W. Sanders
Marion Sanders
Walter B. Shaw Sr.
E. Wayne Shell
Charles F. Simmons
P.F. Singley
L. Aubrey Smith
Wyeth Holt (Chuck) Speir Jr.
B.B. Spratling Jr.
Chester O. Stephens Jr.
Roy Eugene Stevenson
C. Edward Teague
John M. (Bubba) Trotman
Pete Turnham
Ann Samford Upchurch
Milton A. (Buzz) Wendland
Edward Hamilton Wilson
Lowell E. Wilson
Joseph H. Yeager
E.T. York Jr.

- - AU Agricultural Alumni Association Pioneer Award Recipients - -

A - L M - Z

Hoyt Dalton Adair

F.S. Arant
Kenneth M. Autrey
Samuel H. Booker
Thomas F. Burnside Jr.
Jamey M. Clary
Ross Debter
Benjamin Minge Duggar
Grady Dunn
E.P. Garrett
Walter Givhan
O.L. Green
George Kaiser Sr.
Joseph Allison Kyser
William Robinson Lanier
Hanchey E. Logue Sr.
Edward L. Lowder
L. Sykes Martin
Ralph W. Martin Jr.
John H. Mathews
Alexander Nunn

Henry P. Orr

Troy B. Patterson
Walter D. Salmon
Edwin V. Smith
Homer S. Swingle
William H. Taylor
James L. Thompson
Homer B. Tisdale

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