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New Herbicides for Turfgrass: Xonerate, Tribute Total, Celsius, Katana, and Specticle

XonerateXonerate (amicarbazone) is a selective post-emergence herbicide that controls many broadleaf and grass weeds. Xonerate is safe to many cool- and warm-season turfgrasses; however, it should not be applied if temperatures are expected to exceed 80 F.

Tribute Total herbicide bottle Tribute Total (thiencarbazone, foramsulfuron, and halosulfuron) is a selective, post-emergent herbicide for the control of annual and perennial grass weeds, sedges, and certain broadleaf weeds. Tribute Total is notable for effective dallisgrass control, when applied according to label instructions. Tribute Total is safe to bermudagrass. It can also be used as a transition aid for the removal of overseeded cool season grasses from bermudagrass. Efficacy has been shown to increase with the addition of surfactant and ammonium sulfate.

CelsiusCelsius (thiencarbazone, iodosulfuron, and dicamba) is an new Bayer product that brings two new active ingredient to the turfgrass market which were previously unavailable (thiencarbazone and iodosulfuron). Celsius is safe to warm-season turfgrasses including bermudagrass, centipedegrass, St. Augustinegrass, and zoysiagrass. Celsius controls many broadleaf weeds and cool-season turfgrasses.

KatanaKatana (flazasulfuron) is a new sulfonylurea herbicide for the removal of cool-season turfgrass in overseeded situations, as well as control of annual and perennial grasses, sedges, and broadleaf weeds in bermudagrass, centipedegrass, and zoysiagrass. Katana is a PBI Gordon product.



SpecitcleSpecticle (indaziflam) is a new player in the preemergence market from Bayer. Specitcle provides excellent control of summer and winter annuals and is safe to bahiagrass, bermudagrass, buffalograss, centipedegrass, St. Augustinegrass, and seashore paspalum.


Remember to read and follow all label instructions, precautions, warnings, and rates when applying any herbicide!

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