Long-Term Agronomic Experiments

      The Agronomy & Soils Department provides leadership for some of the oldest,long-term cropping sytem and soil fertility reserch plots in the United States. Fifteen experiments are maintained throughout the State of Alabama on representative soils.

"Old Rotation" (circa 1896) - Auburn
"Cullars Rotation" (circa 1911) - Auburn
"Two-Year Rotation" (circa 1929) - Brewton, Monroeville, Prattville Field, Sand Mtn, Tenn Valley, Wiregrass Substation
"Rates of N-P-K" (circa 1954) - Brewton, Monroeville, Prattville, Sand Mtn, Tenn Valley Substation, Upper Coastal






Additional information about any of these experiments can be obtained from:

Dr. Charles C. Mitchell
Extension Agronomist-Soils & Professor
Department of Agronomy & Soils
202 Funchess Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849-5412
Phone: (334) 844-5489

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