Charles Wesley Wood

Contact Information:

234 Funchess Hall


Selected Publications


Education :
Colorado State University, Ph.D., Soil Science, 1990
Mississippi State University, MS, Soil Science, 1984
Mississippi State University, BS, Agronomy, 1979

Professional Experience:
1997: Professor - Auburn University
1993: Associate Professor - Auburn University
1990: Assistant Professor - Auburn University

Professional Activities:
Brief description of research program and goals:
My scholarly program is oriented toward the area of biogeochemistry with primary emphasis on carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in agricultural and natural ecosystems. More specifically, fluxes of these elements and their impact on the environment owing to anthropogenic activities are being investigated in a basic and an applied manner. A large effort has been put forward in my program to identify and solve soil, water and air contamination problems arising from land-disposal of wastes (manure and dead animals) from animal agriculture in the Southeast. Another area of on-going research in my program is evaluation of new and existing technology for prediction of crop nitrogen needs. This research area has both agronomic and environmental implications, because current nitrogen recommendation strategies are non-site specific. Part of my scholarly program is aimed at development of a fundamental understanding of nutrient cycling processes. I have conducted studies on carbon and nitrogen cycling in several systems including agroecosystems having different tillage management, cover crops and amendments, and loblolly pine stands having different vegetation management. In addition, I have investigated the impact of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations on carbon and nitrogen cycling processes. I have also been involved in research designed to elucidate carbon and nitrogen cycles in commercial fish ponds.

Brief description of outreach program and goals:
Although I have no formal extension appointment, I have participated in technology transfer to producers of agricultural and silvicultural commodites in the state of Alabama. I have also participated in “in-service” training for County Agents. I have also been involved in implementing on-farm demonstrations designed to educate producers as to proper agronomic/environmental practices. Moreover, I have made presentations to politicians and leaders of the agricultural community inside and outside Alabama.

Honors and Awards:
  • 2001 Southern Branch American Society of Agronomy Career Research Award
  • Elected Fellow of the Soil Science Society of America, 2000
  • Elected Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy, 1998
  • 1995 Southern Branch American Society of Agronomy Early Career Research Award
  • 1993 Auburn University Sigma Xi Chapter Outstanding Researcher Award
  • Appointed to Alumni Professorship at Auburn University, 1992
  • 1992 Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station's Director's Research Award
Professional Societies Membership:
  • 2002 to present: Associate Editor, Scientia Agricola.
  • 1998 through 2000: Member, American Society of Agronomy
  • National Placement and Career Promotion Committee; Chair during 2000.
  • 1995 through 2001: Technical Editor (Soils), Agronomy Journal.
  • 1994: Associate Editor of book entitled "Impact of Animal
  • Waste on the Soil-Water Interface", CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.
  • 1993 through 1995: Associate Editor, Agronomy Journal.
  • 1993 to present: Member, National Extension and Research Committee on Phosphorus in the Environment, American Society of Agronomy.
  • 1997 through 1999: Board Member, University Environmental Institute
  • 1995 through 1998: Member, College of Agriculture Program Priorities Committee
  • 1993 to 2000: Chair, University Ecology Minor Committee
  • 1993 through 1996: Member, Editorial Board for the AAES Highlights of Agricultural Research publication
  • Courses:

    AGRN 5000/6000 Soils & Environment Quality
    AGRN 5020/6020 Nutrient Management














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