Glenn Wehtje

Contact Information:

233 B Funchess Hall

Selected Publications

Ph.D., 1981, University of Nebraska (Agronomy -Weed Science)
MS, 1977, University of North Dakota (Plant Pathology)
BS, 1974, Washington State University (Agriculture)

Professional Experience:
Professor : Auburn University

Professional Activities:
Herbicide -nursery/horticulture: The objective here is to develop alternative herbicide application methods. Intent is to incorporate herbicides onto various 'inert' materials, and then apply these herbicide-coated materials onto nursery crops. It is hoped that these after-market formulations will provide a controlled and/or delayed herbicide release, and allow for single pot application. This would in turn serve to reduce herbicide loss to non target areas. Competitive grants covering all these areas have been received. Most recent efforts focused upon ion exchange resins and pH-variable irrigation water. Reasonably-promising results have been obtained.

Herbicide -peanut/corn: Activities here include basic evaluation of new chemistry as provided by various manufacturers. And comparing performance in terms of weed control, crop yield and net returns among registered and near-registered herbicides. Most recently have completed a comparison between Cadre and Strongarm; Cadre remains the more cost effective option.

Herbicide -soil behavior: I have completed a study dealing with the soil behavior of rimsulfuron with respect to annual bluegrass control. Manuscript has been submitted. Next focus will be soil leachability and propensity of off site movement. Also have completed a study focusing upon merit of using inorganic soil amendments to increase productivity of heavily-eroded, marginally-productive soils.

Herbicide -plant behavior: Activities here include sensitivity of nutsedge as influenced by herbicide-soil placement (i.e. shoot versus root), and differential sensitivity of crop varieties as indicated by seed/seedling herbicide absorption.

Professional Societies Membership:

Member of the 'Building Committee' as it pertains to the new Pesticide Research Facility.


AGRN 7140 Chemistry & Use of Herbicides


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