Scott McElroy

Scott McElroy

Turfgrass/Weed Science

201 Funchess Hall

Selected Publications


2003 Ph.D., NC State University (Crop Science)
2000 M.S., Auburn University (Agronomy and Soils)
1998 B.S., Auburn University (Communication)

Professional Activities:

My research program has two major focuses:

First my research is focused on herbicide testing and evaluation in turfgrass systems. My lab does extensive testing in this area. Specific projects include:

  1. Discovery of MSMA replacements.
  2. Preemergence and postemergence control of common turfgrass weeds.
  3. Management of herbicide resistant weed populations in turf.

Second, my lab is now extensively invested in the area of weedy plant physiology and genomics. I have recently opened a new lab facility – the “Weed Physiology and Genomics Lab” located at 286 Funchess Hall. My lab is now conducting research on:

  • Next Generation Sequencing of weed genomes for novel gene and SNP discovery.
  • Discovery of molecular and physiological mechanism causing evolved weed resistance.

We have recently added an entire suite of research equipment available for both physiology and molecular biology research.

Advanced computer workstation including CLC Genomic Workbench for Next Gen Sequencing Analysis
  • StepOnePlus quantitative PCR system
  • Eppendorf Thermal Cycler
  • Standard DNA/RNA extraction equipment
  • Standard nucleic acid electrophoresis equipment
  • Licor 6400 Infrared Gas Analyzer with chlorophyll fluorescence
  • Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging System
  • Two portable fluorescence systems
  • Thermo Micropure Water Sterilization
  • Spectrophotoradiometer equipment
  • Licor light meter

Weed Physiology

Professional Experience:

2014-present Professor, Auburn University, Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences
2008-2014 Assistant Professor, Auburn University, Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences
2003-2007 Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, Plant Sciences
2001-2003 Graduate Research Assistant, NC State University, Crop Sciences
1998-2000 Graduate Research Assistant, Auburn University, Agronomy & Soils

Current Graduate Students:

  • James D. McCurdy, PhD, projected completion May 2014
  • Michael L. Flessner, PhD, projected completion December 2014
  • Philipe Aldahir, PhD, Projected completion May 2015
  • Shu Chen, PhD, Projected completion December 2015
  • Baoxin Chang, MS, Projected completion December 2014
  • Ethan Parker, MS, Projected completion August 2014
  • Ray Willett, MAg, Projected completion May 2015

Last Updated: May 07, 2014

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