Distance Education Graduate Degree Program in Agronomy and Soils

Degree Options:

Master of Agriculture (non-thesis option)
Master of Science (thesis option)

                Choose between Soil Science and Plant/Weed Science Options

Soil Science Curriculum

AGRN 6066 Soil Microbiology Lecture
AGRN 6061 Soil Microbiology Lab (on campus during Spring Break)
AGRN 6086 Soil Resources & Conservation
AGRN 6306 Soil Chemistry

In Development:

AGRN 6066 Soils & Environmental Quality
AGRN 6026 Nutrient Management

Plant and Weed Science Curriculum 

AGRN 6106 Plant Genetics & Crop Improvement
AGRN 6166 Advanced Turfgrass Management
AGRN 6406 Bioenergy & the Environment
AGRN 7146 Chemistry & Use of Herbicides
PLPA 6206  Mycology
PLPA 6506  Plant Nematology

In Development:

AGRN 6506 Forage Production & Utilization
AGRN 6XXX Advanced Crop Science

Note: If a desired course is not available from Auburn University a student may take the course online at another university and receive transfer credits.

Additional requirements:

Master of Science

Master of Agriculture

Prerequisites  (see handbook for list)†



AGRN 6016 Analysis of Plant, Soil and Animal Data



AGRN 6936 Advanced Special Problems


Up to 4 credits

AGRN 7996 Research & Thesis

Up to 6 credits


AGRN 7956 Seminar

2 credits

1 credit

Credits in major area of concentration



Graduate level credit hours (6000 or above)



Final exam (defense of thesis or final project)



† Course Prerequisites are listed in Distance Education Graduate Student Handbook, but are at discretion of student’s graduate committee.  MS students are expected to have completed all deficiencies by the third semester of enrollment.  Prospective students lacking a background in science and mathematics are encouraged to learn some chemistry and other science subjects in order to be prepared for the graduate level courses in soil and crop sciences.

All courses are taught online and are asynchronous unless indicated otherwise. 

For additional details, please consult the Distance Education Graduate Student Handbook

For general information related to Master’s program requirements, please click here

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Dr. Dennis Shannon
Professor and Distance Education Coordinator


Last Updated: July 03, 2014

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