Alabama Tour

Kick off & Media Day

Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries
The Richard Beard Building Auditorium

1445 Federal Drive, Montgomery, Alabama

August 4, 2008
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Commissioner Ron Sparks and The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries would like to invite you to attend the "Coast to Coast and Back Renewable Energy Tour, Kick Off and Media Day" on August 4th. The purpose of the tour is to raise public awareness of renewable energy and its multiple economic, environmental and social benefits. The media will be able to view the "Bio-Truck" and see how regular vehicles, normally fueled with gasoline, can be powered with a wide range of solid biomass material, such as wood, swithchgrass, crop residues and chicken litter.

Keep in mind that this will follow the Energy Committee meeting on August 4th at 10:30 AM at the State House!

For additional information please see the attached agenda and invitation.

Thank you!

Mark C. Bentley
Executive Director
Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition



Keith Farm Energy Field Day for Media

Monday, August 18, 2008
1950 St. Clair Rd.
Springville, AL 35146
Phone: (205) 410-6829

The second event of the Coast-to-Coast and Back Renewable Energy Tour will be a field day for media at Wayne Keith’s farm near Springville, AL, about 30 minutes from Birmingham up I-59 towards Chattanooga. Tents will be erected to cater for hot or rainy weather, and cold drinks will be provided.

Items on display and to be demonstrated will include the following:

  • Three generations of biotrucks fueled with solid biological material such as wood
  • A biotruck in action, hauling a large load of hay bales on a trailer
  • Windmills that generate electricity for the Keith home
  • Energy efficient features of the Keith home which was built exclusively by Wayne and his wife, Lisa, from locally harvested lumber
  • A hydrogen supplemented pickup that substantially improves gas mileage

DIRECTIONS: Traveling north on I-59 from Birmingham, take Exit 156 and turn right onto Highway 23. Travel 3 miles and turn right towards the St. Clair Correctional Facility. Travel 2 miles (just past the correctional facility) and turn right onto the Keith farm. The route will be signposted GO GREEN, KEITH FARM from I-59.



Lafarge Cement Company - Calera, AL August 22, 10:00 am,


More to come!

For more information, contact Carla Shoemaker or Dr. David Bransby.