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The Ag Ambassadors at Auburn University are students committed to represent the College of Agriculture, Auburn University, and the industry of agriculture in the best light possible at all times. They strive to develop the public’s awareness of the College of Agriculture and recruit students to join the Auburn family.
Students interested in becoming an Ag Ambassador, must have been at Auburn University at least one semester before annual Spring application and have a 2.2 Auburn GPA. Applications are usually emailed to eligible students, however, any student meeting these requirements can inquire about application.
As part of the selection process, students must submit the Ag Ambassador application (link will be given to eligible students), which includes letters of recommendation as well as student background and interest essay. Selected applicants will then present a 5-10 presentation on the College of Agriculture, Auburn University, and the Alabama Extension System.
If selected, Ag Ambassadors must attend all meetings and represent the College of Agriculture at War Eagle Days, Career Days and other related events. For more information, use the Ask an Ambassador page.
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