The Office of Ag Communications and Marketing can streamline the production and clearance process for communication and marketing projects needed by faculty, staff, students and administrators, ensuring that these projects are completed in a timely manner clearing all University standards and approvals.


  • Project Overview: Worksheet to help with project planning from beginning to end, from considering the audience to final storage and distribution.
  • Web Site Request: Questions to answer while planning a web site; provides help with planning content and selecting images.


  • Contact Ag Communications and Marketing (ACM) to initiate a project management plan.
  • ACM staff will assist in the writing, editing, design and marketing strategies for the projects or will identify other sources of assistance for those projects.
  • ACM will ensure all text and design ideas are approved by the proper administrator (Dean’s office, Department Heads, Development, etc.) and by the Auburn University offices of Communications and Marketing and Trademark and Licensing.


Contact ACM as early as possible in the process!  Ideally we’d like to have at least two months before a deadline for printed/produced materials (brochures, exhibits, T-shirts, etc.) to make sure all the text and images are approved, cost estimates are gathered.


  • Advertisement
  • Brochures
  • Bulletin, circular (research publication)
  • Display/exhibit
  • Donor/funding requests (initiatives)
  • Folders
  • Flyers/Posters
  • Graphic images (logos, watermarks, banners, templates and other graphic images)
  • Invitations
  • Marketing campaigns/strategies
  • News releases
  • Newsletters
  • Photographs
  • Postcards/letter heads
  • Programs
  • Recruitment materials
  • Social networking (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, etc.)
  • Speech writing
  • T- shirts/other special promotional items
  • Video/audio productions
  • Website Web sites/pages